Carmel Entertainment Group

Chris Bueno has over 28 years experience in the entertainment industry. In 1978, he began his career as a cameraman. By 1980, he became the senior producer of a nationally and internationally syndicated Hispanic weekly television show and produced over 200 half-hour episodes. In 1984, Chris formed his own production company, specializing in documentaries. He produced a variety of programs, including the highly acclaimed, THE INDESTRUCTIBLE BOOK, which he co-produced with Cambridge University Press and taped in ten countries. Then in 1986, Chris secured broadcast rights to a slate of made-for-television movies and syndicated these features on over 35 television stations and two cable networks.

      In 1993, Chris produced THE SCENIC WONDERS BIBLE, which consisted of 52 half-hour shows. He syndicated this long-running series on 50 television stations and three national cable networks. In 2001, Chris produced the GOOD ENTERTAINMENT television special hosted by Michael Medved.

      Chris has produced numerous documentary projects in over fifteen countries, as well as special projects for clients, such as Lockheed Martin. Over the years, Chris’ productions have earned a number of awards and have aired on television networks domestically and abroad. His most recent executive producer credits include the documentaries, PROPHECIES OF THE PASSION, THE CASE FOR A CREATOR, THE CASE FOR CHRIST, THE CASE FOR FAITH (coming Fall 2008) and THE CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION (coming Fall 2008).

Larry Frenzel received a BA degree in Theater Arts, Motion Picture Production, from UCLA in 1971. He began his film career working on educational and documentary films as a writer, photographer and cinematographer, and developing and writing theatrical feature screenplays. In 1972, he joined the story department of American International Pictures. In 1973, AIP awarded him a contract to develop and write a feature film project. Thereafter, Larry became a free-lance screenwriter. He developed original screenplays and rewrote screenplays for independent producers and production companies.

       In 1975, Larry joined The Tonight Show staff at NBC, and entered law school. He obtained his JD degree from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, and was admitted to the California State Bar in 1979. Since 1979, Larry has practiced law in Southern California, where he presently maintains his law firm, Frenzel Law Corporation, specializing in entertainment business, media and intellectual property law.

    Larry serves as Chairman of the Board and an executive producer of Illustra Media, a non-profit organization, and its La Mirada Films division, which produce documentaries. His executive producer credits include THE PRIVILEGED PLANET, PROPHECIES OF THE PASSION, THE CASE FOR A CREATOR, THE CASE FOR CHRIST, THE CASE FOR FAITH (coming Fall 2008) and THE CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION (coming Fall 2008). He is also developing and writing original screenplays.