Are “Soul Mates” Real, And If So, How Do You Find Them? Attraction, Pheromones?

“When I first met her, it was a weird, curious kind of feeling. Like I had met her somewhere. Not her “looks” per say, but her mannerisms, way of speaking, her energy”…

… all seemed somehow familiar to me. Was it purely pheromone attraction? or was it something more… ethereal, like our souls recognizing one another?

I had a conversation with her, and it pretty much went directly to a conversation, like we had already been friends for a while.

There was an unspoken feeling of “understanding” eachother, even though … a kind of certainty that we would meet again very shortly.

And another important point to add to this discussion, is that its not just about the actual words being used. But how those words were being said.

This was the first time I felt that I might have been coming into contact with someone who I thought was my “soul mate”

Some of those concepts were explored in the movie, “No Greater Love” – an unbreakable bond between men and women.

… The question is, was it true?

I believe so, because it is the first time in a relationship where I didn’t have to fight an uphill battle to win over the woman of my dreams. It just felt so right, so natural, and so unbelievably fantastic. When you meet your soul mate, interesting things start to happen.

You “feel” them around you, in your thoughts, emotions, and you can almost read their minds and have the feeling that they are reading your mind too… there is another level of communication that goes beyond words. It goes straight to your very being, like an unsaid connection being made even if you don’t physically see or communicate with the person.

Could this all be wishful thinking?

We all know people who we thought were “meant for us”, and relationships that go fantastically. But then they also manage to go through changes and break down like every other relationship.

The important thing to keep in mind is that while soul mate partnerships can surreal, intimate, and deeply satisfying, they can also cut you the deepest.

They also have ups and downs, but because both people are almost magnetically drawn to eachother, they feel a force that seems to help them… whether its “God”, or another force, it’s power can be felt once you experience it. One of those ways is through synchronization.

When I met the love of my life, I “knew” that she was going to be where I felt she would be, even if I wasn’t speaking to her at the time. This happened on numerous occasions, where I felt compelled to go somewhere and she would just suddenly be there somehow, some way.

Sometimes, it was in completely random locations where I felt compelled to go to the supermarket and get some vegetables.

I had a pressing feeling my heart that she would be there, and as I parked my car, I looked across the car park and saw her wonderful curly hair and shiny smile from across…

I didn’t know what to make of it, and I hadn’t showered and brushed my teeth, so I glanced down slowly to look at something other than her (from a fair distance away), and just let her think I probably didn’t see her.

Later on that week, I had similar experiences, where I just “had a feeling” that she would be somewhere I am going… at a dance studio, at the nightclub, and again on Facebook when I realized she was the star sign I thought she was – a Pisces who complimented me perfectly.

This relationship is still brewing, but I have a feeling that it is going somewhere.

I am somewhat scared, because I’ve been hurt in the past… but who hasn’t? I am also refraining from being too superstitious – it could all just be one big coincidence. I don’t want to place my faith into something unless I know its for real. Maybe I just need to “face my giants”.

Check back soon for updates!

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