Secret Of The Cave: A Brutally Honest Reflection On Awful Film-Making

secret of the caveSecret Of The Cave is one of those movies that got a decent amount of distribution, but had a monumental “failure to launch”… what went wrong?

The story starts out with an average 21st century teenager, Roy Wallace.

Growing up in America, he never really considered what it might have been like growing up for his father of Irish descent. One summer, Roy decides to join his father to go to a remote village in Ireland, where bizarre things seem to keep occurring.

Of course, Roy feels a long way from home… and not long after, an unexplainable series of events occur, and the “ghost stories” of old seem to be a mystery that eludes him. However, his determined nature wanted to disprove the village with the help of his new found friends Abbey and Oscar. Roy begins his journey and slowly unraveling the mystery of the rumors.

Over time however, Roy realizes that all the mysterious happenings seem to have benefits for the village, although he is unsure what exactly they might be. His motivation? To learn more about his purpose and driven by his own curiosity for the truth. The Secret Of The Cave slowly becomes clear to to Roy.

With the basic plot in mind, I feel that Secret of The Cave really missed the mark for a few different reasons…

  • The plot is slow moving, which keeps the audience somewhat on edge… but it does it in a way that is not interesting. There is nothing developing in the background.
  • The dialogue seems “cookie cutter” stuff… not only does it take take random turns throughout the film, you wonder why exactly Roy decided to make certain decisions or say certain things. To an extent, we all put ourselves in the shoes of the main character – but people quickly lost interest and became detached because they could not understand the thought process of the character.
  • Many people had also commented that they found many of the characters quite “weird” – and after reviewing it years later, I had to agree. Unfortunately, the film just didn’t get vested interests from most people who were interested in watching the movie.
  • After whatever anticipation for discovering the “Secret Of The Cave”, it was only within the last 15-20 minutes of the film that it was actually done. The “secret” also wasn’t really worth the wait – it left no mystery, no “wow factor”, and frankly left many people disappointed.
  • It had an interesting idea, but failed to deliver the “impact” many of us were hoping for. Carmel Entertainment Group chose to pursue documentary type films shortly afterwards, and currently focuses on commercial projects for online companies.

All in all, Secret Of The Cave was disappointing in more ways than one… but there’s no denying that it was an interesting idea for a film. Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC had only picked it up immediately after its release, where things had gone slightly downhill from the directors of the film. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do at that point in time.

Either way, it was definitely an experience we are not planning on reliving any time soon.

Notable Facts

Heartland Film Festival 2006 Crystal Heart Award winner. The filming of SECRET OF THE CAVE took place in the small village of Doogort on Achill Island off the west coast of Ireland. There was no Internet or phone service in Doogort.

The producers had the first ever land-line phone installed.

  • Directed By: Zach Gray
  • Written By: Zach Gray, Aaron Adams, David George & Scott Fogg, based on the book, “The Secret of the Cave” by Arthur S. Maxwell
  • Produced By: David George, Mark Thomas, Benjamin Mitzelfelt
  • Production Co.: Southern Adventist University School of Visual Art & Design, in association with Carmel Entertainment
  • Distributors: Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC, First Look Studios
  • MPAA Rating: PG

Starring: Kevin Novotny, Patrick Bergin (SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY), Joseph M. Kelly, Niall O’Brien, Noelle Brown, Niamh Finn, Rhoda Griffis (WE ARE MARSHALL)


  • Home Video: First Look Studios (worldwide)
  • Television: First Look Studios (worldwide)
  • Non-theatrical exhibition: Carmel Cinema

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