Forgotten Documentaries That Are Absolutely Mind-Blowing

unlocking-the-mystery-of-lifeCarmel Entertainment Group LLC has been responsible for sending the messages of extremely intriguing concepts and ideas all over the world… but… that was in the early 2000’s.

It’s time to revisit a handful of these classics, and reminisce about what made so special in the first place, when the internet wasn’t a vast pool of information on just about every single possible topic under the sun.

… Where it wasn’t possible to jump onto a forum and discuss an idea in depth, and have a stimulating conversation with someone who might have insights you would never have thought of.

I think what made these documentaries s fascinating in the past is the fact that you were only presented with one logical train of thought, rather than a myriad of opinions and discussions on the same topic.

For example, the documentary “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” was one of the most unique programming opportunities for local television stations when it first came out in 2003.¬†

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Documentaries: The Case For Christ, Case For Faith, & Case For Creator


Lee Strobel, a known Christian “apologetic” author had his highly acclaimed series of books transformed¬†into an entertaining documentary that put Carmel Entertainment Group on the map.

It might have seemed slightly unlikely at the time that Carmel Entertainment Group LLC would become a distributor that would back such a controversial topic, and get worldwide distribution for it on a number of different channels and through different mediums… especially considering the successes of iconic films such as Facing The Giants.

… At the same time, there has been ongoing discussion over the years about who to listen to.

Even some Christians do not completely agree with the ideas and concepts presented in the documentaries. Lee Strobels controversial style simply rubs certain people the wrong way.

Some of those people may have already been religious, thought about becoming religious, or maybe even very serious athiests.

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Carmel Entertainment Group: Current State Of Affairs

faith-like-potatoesCarmel Entertainment Group (CEG), is known for their iconic releases of movies such as Facing The Giants, Fireproof, and documentaries like The Case For Christianity.

And as incredible as these releases are, it’s important for Carmel Entertainment Group to “keep up with the times” too – and boy, things have really changed.

From the rise of streaming entertainment like Netflix, to Pay-Per-View content available on sources like YouTube, Carmel Entertainment Group has had to go through somewhat of a restructuring.

Restructuring in business is quite common – it’s what keeps big brands on top – innovation, in other words.

It’s what also keeps small to mid-level businesses OUT of the current “big leagues”…

That’s why CEG is taking a step back from sole distribution of films. Yes, we still do it, but there is something called an adjustment period where we figure out where to take all the technology at our fingertips and turn them into a more “modern” solution.

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Fireproof – The Cure For Marriage/Relationship Issues?

fireproof-carmel-entertainment-groupFireproof – an unforgettable tale of one mans faith, and devotion to staying loyal to his wife.

Yes, this movie also had religious undertones, but it is not to be written off for those who might find these themes a little overbearing.

In fact, the actor, Kirk Cameron – who is a devout Christian refuses to kiss any women other than his wife.

For one of the more romantic scenes in the movie, the producers had to step in his real wife and dress her up in order to play out a kissing scene within the film.

8 years on, and many people are still wondering… why is this such an enigmatic film?

In modern society, divorce rates have skyrocketed.

It’s not an uncommon theme in movies, social media, or other forms of mass entertainment to have characters which have come from troubled households, or households where the family is split between a divorced mother and father.

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Facing The Giants: 10 Years, And The Legend Lives On

Facing-the-Giants-cover-Carmel-Entertainment-Group10 years ago, “Facing The Giants” came out – an inspirational story of struggle, trials and tribulations, and triumph…

Recently, we watched it again for it’s 10th anniversary and relived many of the fond memories of watching this movie with our families and created an atmosphere of remembrance.

It’s iconic nature – not in terms of simply incredible film making – but simply by creating relateable characters and being able to “put yourself in their shoes” made this a “moving” story for many people.

And something interesting also happened with one of the team members who happened to actually dislike the movie – they were not impressed by it’s religious undertones.

In fact, we recently stumbled across a conversation online that went a little something like this:

“Well, if you feel that way then you are not a Christian”

“I really don’t understand what your issue is. Just because someone didn’t like a movie has absolutely no bearing on whether or not they are respectable in regards to their chosen faith. How funny is it that you can sit back and judge others “worth”, because they don’t share the same enjoyment that you do. Everyone is different, and different things float different boats. “

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