No Greater Love: A Story Of Forgiveness And Reconciliation

no-greater-loveFor many married couples, fighting and arguing on occasion is nothing new. But for some people, there is no brighter future, and no chance of reconciliation… or is there?

Break ups are not pretty, especially when it comes to people who have been bonded through marriage.

Although other relationships are also tough, marriage is sacred to many people whether they are religious or not.

No Greater Love goes on to explore some of the themes that people go through on a regular basis, and offers a view into what it really is like for both parties.

It is slightly departed from earlier releases of religious documentaries, and was one of the first feature length commercial films available by Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC as the distribution industry was growing.

The story starts off with a happy couple – Jeff and Heather who have been inseparable for years. They were perfect together, and what would normally be referred to as “soul mates”. As the years go by, Jeff becomes a workaholic, and eventually begins to neglect his home life.

As the relationship disintegrates, Heather starts feeling increasingly neglected… especially since they recently had a new newborn baby.

In a short-sighted moment of despair, Heather made a decision that would change all their lives.

She left. After police investigations, missing persons reports, and ongoing efforts to find her, she was never to be seen again. 

About 10 years later, Jeff, and his child Ethan who were abandoned, things are starting to look up. After years of despairing over the thought of Heather, she remains only but a fond memory in their minds. Jess also has a new girlfriend of 8 months, Katie, who he is on the verge of of proposing to.

One of Ethan’s friends, has a father who befriends Jess in a coffee shop nearby. They learn that their kids are both in little league together, and quickly become friends.

With summer approaching quickly, Dave asks and convinces Jeff to let Ethan come to an event at Dave’s church which involved fun, festive activities.

Jeff feels somewhat conflicted about the idea of Church and God in general, but eventually comes to the conclusion that it might be good for Ethan.

And if nothing else, a great experience for his kids to become greater friends.

On the day of the event, things are going great. Ethan and Jeff have a great time getting to know eachother on a personal level, and Ethan and his new pals are having a great time getting festive at the churches Kids Fest.

But near the end of the day… something catches his eye.

Jeff is shocked, confused, and absolutely ambivalent about the fact that his long-lost wife, Heather, is now a committed Christian – and a helper at the event.

Jeff once again feels extremely conflicted, and is forced to deal with feelings of betrayal, guilt, forgiveness, anger, sadness, and among many, the grace of God.

A significant portion of NO GREATER LOVE takes place on a church campus. The pastor, Chris Johnson, even plays a role of a pastor in the film.

Other information

  • Starring: Anthony Tyler Quinn, Danielle Bisutti, Jay Underwood, Aaron Sanders, Alexis Boozer, Eric Bivens-Bush
  • Executive Producer: Russ Rice
  • Produced By: Matt Green
  • Written & Directed By: Brad J. Silverman
  • Production Co.:  Coram Deo Studios, Inc.
  • Distributors: Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC
  • MPAA Rating: PG

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