Is There “No Greater Love” Than Self Love?

self love magnetismAs humans, we’re constantly making judgment calls about others based on their appearance, their job or career, how they dress, speak, and even body language.

After an interesting discussion with one of our previous clients (House Of Pheromones), we stumbled upon his blog which recently covered an interesting topic – pheromones & attraction between men and women. We realized that in his reviews, he really touches base on what a lot of us think, but don’t say out loud: the truth.

It even became highly apparent in the video we created for him, which highlighted just how low some companies will go to sell their products… at the cost of telling the truth. But this isn’t limited to just pheromone vendors… this is pervasive on the internet.

There are products that sell magical “pickup artist” courses (and some at outragously high prices), magic pickup lines, and other “magic pills” for people to lose weight and build muscle with no effort required.

Of course, it is all made up and purely expoiting people who aren’t “savvy” to the unscrupulous online marketer.

The fact that the product was worthless means little to the vendors who actually create them.

But regardless of that, what Carmel Entertainment Group really finds interesting is that the owner, Phero Joe, is heavily into the concepts presented in the move Facing The Giants.

After reading through the blog, he often quotes the film, saying that people simply don’t put in enough effort to get what they want.

Of course, there are “magic pill” solutions to just about every problem you have – from weight loss, dating, financial trouble… pheromones.

But many people look for the “easy way out”, which is exactly why people fail to live their dreams.

In fact, after we had gotten in touch with Phero Joe, we decided to team up to create a brand new concept video.

It will be based on the Wall Street Journals infamous sales letter, where 2 men end up at vastly different “statuses” in their lives, with one’s success being attributed to the popular magazine.

However, in this case, it will be based on his report called “The Secret Alchemy Of Personal Magnetism”.

This is something that the Carmel Entertainment Group is also very interested in, because we use similar strategies in order to give our actors a real personality in front of the camera.

It’s that inner feeling which radiates outwards, and creates the “magic” behind every scene in all our films.

But how do you develop it?

Personal magnetism is a quality that comes from self love. Something that comes in very limited supply these days… we’ve all got to have the perfect body, face, be well off financially, drive the best cars, date the most beautiful people.

But what’s really missing is the sense that you have everything you already need to be happy.

That’s why even people who achieve high status positions in life still may be unhappy in their day to day lives.

In fact, studies have shown that making over $75,000 a year, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be happier.

That’s why when it comes to making movies that pull at the heart strings, we take into consideration the circumstances our viewers may be in.

We want you to put yourselves in the shoes of an American hero, and to really feel what they are going through in the scenarios as they play out on screen.

That’s what happens when you really put thought into making cohesive, beautiful stories – but not just in fiction, but real life too.

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