Fireproof – The Cure For Marriage/Relationship Issues?

fireproof-carmel-entertainment-groupFireproof – an unforgettable tale of one mans faith, and devotion to staying loyal to his wife.

Yes, this movie also had religious undertones, but it is not to be written off for those who might find these themes a little overbearing.

In fact, the actor, Kirk Cameron – who is a devout Christian refuses to kiss any women other than his wife.

For one of the more romantic scenes in the movie, the producers had to step in his real wife and dress her up in order to play out a kissing scene within the film.

8 years on, and many people are still wondering… why is this such an enigmatic film?

In modern society, divorce rates have skyrocketed.

It’s not an uncommon theme in movies, social media, or other forms of mass entertainment to have characters which have come from troubled households, or households where the family is split between a divorced mother and father.

But the scary part is that it’s real life too. With some parts of the world having divorce rates upwards of 50%, it’s a somewhat unbelievable thought that someone has lived through life with both parents still married and intact.

Fireproof touched on those concepts and issues, and gave many watchers an insight into what “faith” is all about (whether they are religious or not). In fact, these were celebrated ideas all throughout its launch and the coming few years as the movie slowly became a “classic”, and “must watch” film to people from all walks of life.

At times, we all have put ourselves in the shoes of the characters, and related on some level.

With the tension in in marriage, or any other relationship that inevitably occurs, the concepts behind the films message can work for just about everybody.

Personally, I have recommended this to my friends – and also to friends who may feel that the Christian undertones are slightly offensive to (but to keep this in mind while watching this film). I am happy to say, that this actually did help save a personal friends relationship as they were going through a “patch” – a patch where most people would rather walk away and search for greener pastures in another relationship.

The fact is, most relationships aren’t perfect, because people aren’t perfect.

Fireproof is an outstanding example of “stick-to-it-iveness”, one of the most valuable personality traits that one can develop.

Although many people disagree with the idea of not being in a relationship because it makes them unhappy, many people also feel that it is a cop-out, and simply not being faithful enough for a partner which also translates into other parts of life.

This does not apply to “abusive” relationships where there is a clear reason to live – but for the majority of partners out there, it is usually not that bad in the grand scheme of things to stick things out and work together to create harmony.

There are also fans who have taken to the internet, and use Fireproof as a “tool” to help people who may find themselves in a similar position, and we are thrilled at the prospect of Fireproof making a real difference in peoples lives.

Powerful movies simply move people.


  • Theatrical: Samuel Goldwyn Films (USA)
  • Home Video: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (worldwide); Provident Films (CBA)
  • Production: Carmel Entertainment Group
  • Theatrical release: September 26, 2008
  • DVD release: 2009

Notable Facts

A number of leading marriage and family ministries were excited about the potential impact that FIREPROOF would have on society when it opened in theaters on September 26, 2008. With healthy marriage at the heart of the FIREPROOF story, they are actively supporting the film.

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