Facing The Giants: 10 Years, And The Legend Lives On

Facing-the-Giants-cover-Carmel-Entertainment-Group10 years ago, “Facing The Giants” came out – an inspirational story of struggle, trials and tribulations, and triumph…

Recently, we watched it again for it’s 10th anniversary and relived many of the fond memories of watching this movie with our families and created an atmosphere of remembrance.

It’s iconic nature – not in terms of simply incredible film making – but simply by creating relateable characters and being able to “put yourself in their shoes” made this a “moving” story for many people.

And something interesting also happened with one of the team members who happened to actually dislike the movie – they were not impressed by it’s religious undertones.

In fact, we recently stumbled across a conversation online that went a little something like this:

“Well, if you feel that way then you are not a Christian”

“I really don’t understand what your issue is. Just because someone didn’t like a movie has absolutely no bearing on whether or not they are respectable in regards to their chosen faith. How funny is it that you can sit back and judge others “worth”, because they don’t share the same enjoyment that you do. Everyone is different, and different things float different boats. “

Others chimed in, claiming that it was because of “opinions” like the people above that make it hard to digest Christian themes within films in modern life. The “elitist” nature of the comments (coming from the Christian) makes others feel as if the person talking to them feel themselves to be of “higher” moral integrity which simply rubs people the wrong way.

But regardless of those comments, we still find it a memorable, iconic film that sparked an avalanche of press and diehard fans, even up to the current day.

Opinions range from people being inspired to face their own “giants”, to downright feeling the titles is despicable for its religious themes. In fact, many opinions are swayed to the latter.

As you may know now, Carmel Entertainment Group did go on to start side ventures into religious documentaries, such as “The Case For Christ” – but it wasn’t truly the theme of Facing The Giants.

Anyway, it was fantastic to revisit an old classic, and we will be doing many more over the next few weeks.


  • Theatrical: Samuel Goldwyn Films (USA)
  • Home Video: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (worldwide); Provident Films (CBA)
  • Television: Carmel Entertainment (free, cable, satellite worldwide); Sony/Provident Films (pay-per-view)
  • Non-theatrical exhibition: Provident Films
  • Theatrical release: September 29, 2006.
  • DVD release: January 30, 2007.

Interesting fact: Sherwood Pictures produced FACING THE GIANTS for only $100,000. It went on to gross over $10 million theatrically. Its success continued with the DVD release. FACING THE GIANTS was the fastest selling DVD in the Christian (CBA) market since THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. According to Rentrak, FACING THE GIANTS ranked in the top 2 titles of the Top Limited Theatrical Renters List for its first 9 weeks in release.

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