Documentaries: The Case For Christ, Case For Faith, & Case For Creator


Lee Strobel, a known Christian “apologetic” author had his highly acclaimed series of books transformed into an entertaining documentary that put Carmel Entertainment Group on the map.

It might have seemed slightly unlikely at the time that Carmel Entertainment Group LLC would become a distributor that would back such a controversial topic, and get worldwide distribution for it on a number of different channels and through different mediums… especially considering the successes of iconic films such as Facing The Giants.

… At the same time, there has been ongoing discussion over the years about who to listen to.

Even some Christians do not completely agree with the ideas and concepts presented in the documentaries. Lee Strobels controversial style simply rubs certain people the wrong way.

Some of those people may have already been religious, thought about becoming religious, or maybe even very serious athiests.

In fact, our target audience with the documentary series was to raise awareness about a “non-believers” journey into Christianity – from the point of view a a very analytical person, as evidence by his books and following documentaries that were distributed by CEG.

Below, we’ve extrapolated some of the concepts into what each documentary entails.

case-for-christThe Case For Christ

Lee Strobel recounts his two-year investigation, as an atheist, of the life and claims of Jesus Christ. Can the biographies of Jesus and first-century eyewitness testimonies be trusted? Does archaeological evidence contradict or confirm the Gospel accounts? Was Jesus really convinced he was the Son of God?  Did Jesus fulfill the attributes of God? Did Jesus match the identity of the Messiah?  Is there historical and scientific evidence for the resurrection of Christ?

In preparation for his book, Strobel conducted exhaustive research and interviews with many of the world’s leading biblical scholars. The documentary adaptation of THE CASE FOR CHRIST features highlights of this investigation in a riveting, provocative style. 

In the Case For Christ, Lee Strobel recounts his experiences, trials, and tribulations that lead to him becoming a Christian. He also goes on to explore his faith further by going to 13 evangelical Christian scholars to defend their views on it.

His book was divided into 3 core parts as follows:

  • Examining the record… in this chapter, Lee Strobel investigates the evidence, things which can be put under scrutiny and analyzed with factual evidence. Some of the topics covered in whether the biographies of Jesus can be trusted, whether archeology can confirm the existence of Christ, and insights into whether the historical version of Jesus can be  compared to the Biblical version.
  • Analyzing Jesus… In part 2, Lee Strobel investigates into what Jesus really thought of himself. Was he simply convinced that he was the son of God? And did Jesus really live up to what a messenger of God could truly be expected of? Many people think he may have simply been crazy (yes, many people were offended by these points of view).
  • Researching The Resurrection… In the final part of The Case For Christ, Lee Strobel examines whether the resurrection was really a hoax, why Jesus’s body was absent from his tomb, and other “proofs” which may have substantiated claims of Jesus supposedly being alive after the crucifixion.

case-for-faithThe Case For Faith

The Case For Faith was a rebuttal video made in response to the first documentary film, The Case For Christ.

Although many points were made in the film, there was shortly a response from authors refuting much of the “evidence” Lee Strobel had presented in his books, which were also reflected in the documentaries.

THE CASE FOR FAITH will address heated rebuttals to the Gospels:  If God is love, then why do pain, evil, and suffering exist in the world? Why would a loving God condemn His creations to hell? Why is Jesus the only way to God? If the Christian faith is the blueprint for peace, hope, and compassion, then why is the history of the church filled with so much violence, bloodshed, and death, “in the name of God”?

These objections to Christianity have challenged believers for over 2000 years. They raise universal questions, each demanding explanations with depth and spiritual insight. Again, Strobel will draw upon his formidable investigative skills to find satisfying answers to emotional barriers that have separated men and women from God for centuries.

case-for-a-creatorThe Case For A Creator

THE CASE FOR A CREATOR probes contemporary science in search of what the latest discoveries in physics, biology, chemistry, cosmology, and astronomy imply about the existence of a supreme intelligence behind the creation of the universe.

Strobel notes, “My road to atheism was paved by science…but, ironically, so was my later journey to God.” 

This compelling hour-long documentary reveals how 21st century scientific knowledge points unmistakably to a transcendent Creator.

Notable Facts About All 3 Highly Acclaimed Books And Documentaries

Lee Strobel’s highly acclaimed books, THE CASE FOR CHRIST, THE CASE FOR FAITH and THE CASE FOR A CREATOR, have sold over ten million copies and have had a profound impact on the Christian world. In them, Strobel (former atheist and legal editor of the Chicago Tribune) presents a remarkable compilation of historical, theological and scientific evidence for the existence of God and the validity of Christianity.

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