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Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC, no longer accepts submissions of unsolicited motion pictures or video projects for distribution or unsolicited screenplays for production consideration.

However, due to the recent restructuring of Carmel Entertainment Group, there are a number of projects that we are undertaking, including those of a commercial nature. We have begun to take on limited clients for a number of companies in the online advertising space, to create entertaining, engaging advertising that wins you readers and customers.

At the moment, these are private label projects, and there is a wait time as we are one of the only major distributors of commercial intent that was made strictly from feature films and motion pictures. Since the releases of the our documentary line, there have been numerous requests to cover those topics too – which are first priority.

For the submission of completed motion picture or video projects, please send one (1) DVD screener to each of the following with a cover letter containing the name and contact information of the producer and a brief synopsis of the content:

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If you are an agency, producer, actor, director, and would like to contact us directly through IMDB pro, pleaseĀ contact us through here.

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