Commercial Project: House Of Pheromones Video Concepts

House Of PheromonesAs part of Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC, there are a number of commercial projects we have recently undertaken. Some of them funny, some bizarre, and some downright fascinating.

One of the most intriguing businesses we’ve recently come across is a small company called House Of Pheromones.

If you’re not “in the know” on recent trends online, basically, pheromones are natural substances that humans and other animals produce in their sweat glands that can signal things (usually on a sub-conscious level) to people around.

Some of those things can include your fitness level, approx age, gender, sociability, aggressiveness and other details that are imperceptible to our conscious mind.

House Of Pheromones reviews pheromones for men by thoroughly testing and re-testing of products that have proven themselves in this small, but fast growing community of enthusiasts.

One might wonder, why this change into commercial projects?

Yes, it’s a far cry from our regular scheduling on informative documentaries, but remember that those concepts were¬†just that at the time of their releases – concepts. In recent times, we’ve noticed trends and immediately picked up on them, and that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing for the House Of Pheromones.

At this time, “pheromones” are a relatively sketchy subject, especially among people who simply don’t believe that they can work (which sometimes includes scientists).

But remember, people also had strong opinions on our documentary films such as The Privileged Planet and Unlocking The Mystery Of Life.

Carmel Entertainment Group presented strong evidence and opinions, and created an engaging film around existentialism, and the questions about why we are here, what our purpose is, and so on.

Pheromones are an emerging subject of study, but the project for House Of Pheromones will be taking another direction – a more commercial one. After exhaustive study into the community, and what types of products are available, what works and what doesn’t, we found a number of products that are mass marketed, but as advised by our expert, Phero Joe, are complete rubbish.

In fact, Chris Bueno and myself turned and looked at eachother… before bursting into hysterical laughter at a pheromone product called “Pherazone”. Is it a scam? If you can’t tell by watching the video above, we urge you to do your research before ever investing in any type of product that makes miraculous claims.

Also, after doing research into the subject of pheromones, there are actually quite a lot of studies that can substantiate many of the claims made by some of the products recommended by our in-house expert, Phero Joe.

One of the most conclusive studies was on a pheromone molecule called androstadienone, which has been tested on different occasions in social, as well as physiological settings. In social studies, it was proven that women considered men approximately 10% more attractive on average than before they were exposed to the pheromone.

In physiological tests where brain activity and body changes were measured, androstadienone was proven to increase cortisol levels, but also promote a sense of wellbeing, and being “uplifted” in the presence of it. It has also proven itself to increase the pain threshold for women.

The question is, why pheromones?

Simply put, we believe that pheromones do in fact play a large part in our lives. The reason is that pheromones could account for why we are attracted to certain men and women, and how we choose our social circles, and how others might perceive you, the effects it can have on your life and so forth.

The implications that pheromones can have on ones life has yet to be explored, and in true Carmel Entertainment Group Fashion, we decided to take on this project along with our expert to help us create a large map of what pheromones can do for ones life, and what they can’t.

As we mentioned earlier, documentaries in the past which have focused on answering existential questions, creating engaging content like the Case For Christ and sequels, were all made with an opinion which was then backed up with evidence from the authors point of view. As far as film goes, it’s all open to interpretation and people will clearly disagree.

But it’s a risk every distributor faces… CEG is just another that will be known for creating mind-blowing content that wows audiences once again.¬†

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