Are “Soul Mates” Real, And If So, How Do You Find Them? Attraction, Pheromones?

“When I first met her, it was a weird, curious kind of feeling. Like I had met her somewhere. Not her “looks” per say, but her mannerisms, way of speaking, her energy”…

… all seemed somehow familiar to me. Was it purely pheromone attraction? or was it something more… ethereal, like our souls recognizing one another?

I had a conversation with her, and it pretty much went directly to a conversation, like we had already been friends for a while.

There was an unspoken feeling of “understanding” eachother, even though … a kind of certainty that we would meet again very shortly.

And another important point to add to this discussion, is that its not just about the actual words being used. But how those words were being said.

This was the first time I felt that I might have been coming into contact with someone who I thought was my “soul mate”

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