Is There “No Greater Love” Than Self Love?

self love magnetismAs humans, we’re constantly making judgment calls about others based on their appearance, their job or career, how they dress, speak, and even body language.

After an interesting discussion with one of our previous clients (House Of Pheromones), we stumbled upon his blog which recently covered an interesting topic – pheromones & attraction between men and women. We realized that in his reviews, he really touches base on what a lot of us think, but don’t say out loud: the truth.

It even became highly apparent in the video we created for him, which highlighted just how low some companies will go to sell their products… at the cost of telling the truth. But this isn’t limited to just pheromone vendors… this is pervasive on the internet.

There are products that sell magical “pickup artist” courses (and some at outragously high prices), magic pickup lines, and other “magic pills” for people to lose weight and build muscle with no effort required.

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Carmel Entertainment Group: Current State Of Affairs

faith-like-potatoesCarmel Entertainment Group (CEG), is known for their iconic releases of movies such as Facing The Giants, Fireproof, and documentaries like The Case For Christianity.

And as incredible as these releases are, it’s important for Carmel Entertainment Group to “keep up with the times” too – and boy, things have really changed.

From the rise of streaming entertainment like Netflix, to Pay-Per-View content available on sources like YouTube, Carmel Entertainment Group has had to go through somewhat of a restructuring.

Restructuring in business is quite common – it’s what keeps big brands on top – innovation, in other words.

It’s what also keeps small to mid-level businesses OUT of the current “big leagues”…

That’s why CEG is taking a step back from sole distribution of films. Yes, we still do it, but there is something called an adjustment period where we figure out where to take all the technology at our fingertips and turn them into a more “modern” solution.

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