Commercial Project: House Of Pheromones Video Concepts

House Of PheromonesAs part of Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC, there are a number of commercial projects we have recently undertaken. Some of them funny, some bizarre, and some downright fascinating.

One of the most intriguing businesses we’ve recently come across is a small company called House Of Pheromones.

If you’re not “in the know” on recent trends online, basically, pheromones are natural substances that humans and other animals produce in their sweat glands that can signal things (usually on a sub-conscious level) to people around.

Some of those things can include your fitness level, approx age, gender, sociability, aggressiveness and other details that are imperceptible to our conscious mind.

House Of Pheromones reviews pheromones for men by thoroughly testing and re-testing of products that have proven themselves in this small, but fast growing community of enthusiasts.

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