Carmel Entertainment Group: Current State Of Affairs

faith-like-potatoesCarmel Entertainment Group (CEG), is known for their iconic releases of movies such as Facing The Giants, Fireproof, and documentaries like The Case For Christianity.

And as incredible as these releases are, it’s important for Carmel Entertainment Group to “keep up with the times” too – and boy, things have really changed.

From the rise of streaming entertainment like Netflix, to Pay-Per-View content available on sources like YouTube, Carmel Entertainment Group has had to go through somewhat of a restructuring.

Restructuring in business is quite common – it’s what keeps big brands on top – innovation, in other words.

It’s what also keeps small to mid-level businesses OUT of the current “big leagues”…

That’s why CEG is taking a step back from sole distribution of films. Yes, we still do it, but there is something called an adjustment period where we figure out where to take all the technology at our fingertips and turn them into a more “modern” solution.

For example, nobody buys DVD’s anymore – so why would there be a distributor for that particular strand of entertainment mediums?

Nobody, in their right mind at least.

That’s why Carmel Entertainment Group is moving towards commercial online projects.

As a reader of CEG, you might wonder – what exactly does this entail? To put it simply, the internet has become an entertainment powerhouse… everything you could ever watch on TV, is already online. You can find whatever content you want to find, about just about any topic that interests you.

YouTube absolutely changed the way we view multimedia – whether its music, movies, documentaries, home videos – whatever it is your heart desires.

To put things in perspective, the internet has also opened the world up to digital marketing, and using video to advertise products and services is the next “big thing”.

In fact, major companies like the Dollar Shave Club have used videos to launch entire multi-million dollar businesses.

People like Mike Chang, a bodybuilder have also infamously used “obnoxious” methods to push their products, which only serve to create even more very polar results… they either love him or hate him.

Whether you like it or not, it still makes money either way.  

Their method?

They make satirical and entertaining videos in order to entice customers for a great offer. Our very own Chris Bueno is a member himself and has fresh blades that makes the office jealous.

It is exactly this type of advertising and entertainment medium that is moving the online market forward into a brand new era.

There’s no more “hard selling”, because nobody likes to be sold or sucked into anything. They want to be entertained, even when they’re being sold to… and it’s nobodies fault. It’s just the way things have evolved over the years, and will only continue to evolve. Film is in an exciting time, where producers, actors, writers, and everyone else who makes magic happen through the art of video can come together and collaborate on fresh ideas.

It also doesn’t matter whether its for advertising products, creating interest around a particular service, generating hype and social media attention on new films – using entertainment is the new “advertising” of the online world. To say we are now focusing on this form of advertising, and creating engaging, persuasive content for emerging and established companies is only the start.

Carmel Entertainment Group also wishes to become a major player in distributing to major digital outlets such as Netflix and other streaming channels in order to move with the times.

  • Larry Frenzel

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