Chris Bueno and Larry Frenzel founded Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC, in 2003.

Carmel Entertainment Group was formed to develop, produce and distribute theatrical motion pictures and documentaries that tell engaging and redemptive stories in which truth and hope prevail. In 2009, Carmel Entertainment redefined its mission to focus solely on distribution projects.

Carmel Entertainment currently represents producers to obtain theatrical, home video/DVD/Blu-ray and/or television, and other mediums to distribute their feature length motion pictures. Some of the most prominent successes in distribution includes Facing The Giants, and Fireproof – produced by Sherwood Pictures in association with Carmel Entertainment and Provident Films, and released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Provident Films and Samuel Goldwyn Films also collaborated to create “Faith Like Potatoes” – and it was produced by Golden Creative Studios in association with Carmel Entertainment.

Carmel Entertainment has also produced, and continues to respresent documentaries for television broadcast licensing for deprecated, as well as new forms of digital mediums. These include the Lee Strobel documentary series – The Case For Christ, The Case For Faith, and The Case For A Creator – disitributed by Lions Gate