FACING THE GIANTS MPAA Ratings Controversy
The MPAA sparked a firestorm of controversy when it rated FACING THE GIANTS PG, but not for the reasons the producers anticipated. According to the MPAA explanation to the distributor of the film:
"Religious movies that advocate for their religion or one type of religion or are proselytizing for one religion vis-a-vis other religions tend to get a PG - therefore it's to send an advisory via a PG rating to the parents that there is something in the film that you should examine further before you take your children."
Ironically, the producers expected a PG rating for certain thematic elements. They did not, however, expect an unprecedented PG rating for their film’s Christian themes. That position, in itself, did not trouble the producers either, however, the fact that the MPAA singled out Christian themes but has not similarly rated films with other spiritual themes raised serious concerns. The national media, including CNN, Fox News, Good Morning America and numerous publications, immediately seized on the controversy. Read a sampling of the hundreds of articles on the story, below.
Friday, June 23, 2006