Are “Soul Mates” Real, And If So, How Do You Find Them? Attraction, Pheromones?

“When I first met her, it was a weird, curious kind of feeling. Like I had met her somewhere. Not her “looks” per say, but her mannerisms, way of speaking, her energy”…

… all seemed somehow familiar to me. Was it purely pheromone attraction? or was it something more… ethereal, like our souls recognizing one another?

I had a conversation with her, and it pretty much went directly to a conversation, like we had already been friends for a while.

There was an unspoken feeling of “understanding” eachother, even though … a kind of certainty that we would meet again very shortly.

And another important point to add to this discussion, is that its not just about the actual words being used. But how those words were being said.

This was the first time I felt that I might have been coming into contact with someone who I thought was my “soul mate”

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Is There “No Greater Love” Than Self Love?

self love magnetismAs humans, we’re constantly making judgment calls about others based on their appearance, their job or career, how they dress, speak, and even body language.

After an interesting discussion with one of our previous clients (House Of Pheromones), we stumbled upon his blog which recently covered an interesting topic – pheromones & attraction between men and women. We realized that in his reviews, he really touches base on what a lot of us think, but don’t say out loud: the truth.

It even became highly apparent in the video we created for him, which highlighted just how low some companies will go to sell their products… at the cost of telling the truth. But this isn’t limited to just pheromone vendors… this is pervasive on the internet.

There are products that sell magical “pickup artist” courses (and some at outragously high prices), magic pickup lines, and other “magic pills” for people to lose weight and build muscle with no effort required.

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Secret Of The Cave: A Brutally Honest Reflection On Awful Film-Making

secret of the caveSecret Of The Cave is one of those movies that got a decent amount of distribution, but had a monumental “failure to launch”… what went wrong?

The story starts out with an average 21st century teenager, Roy Wallace.

Growing up in America, he never really considered what it might have been like growing up for his father of Irish descent. One summer, Roy decides to join his father to go to a remote village in Ireland, where bizarre things seem to keep occurring.

Of course, Roy feels a long way from home… and not long after, an unexplainable series of events occur, and the “ghost stories” of old seem to be a mystery that eludes him. However, his determined nature wanted to disprove the village with the help of his new found friends Abbey and Oscar. Roy begins his journey and slowly unraveling the mystery of the rumors.

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No Greater Love: A Story Of Forgiveness And Reconciliation

no-greater-loveFor many married couples, fighting and arguing on occasion is nothing new.┬áBut for some people, there is no brighter future, and no chance of reconciliation… or is there?

Break ups are not pretty, especially when it comes to people who have been bonded through marriage.

Although other relationships are also tough, marriage is sacred to many people whether they are religious or not.

No Greater Love goes on to explore some of the themes that people go through on a regular basis, and offers a view into what it really is like for both parties.

It is slightly departed from earlier releases of religious documentaries, and was one of the first feature length commercial films available by Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC as the distribution industry was growing.

The story starts off with a happy couple – Jeff and Heather who have been inseparable for years. They were perfect together, and what would normally be referred to as “soul mates”. As the years go by, Jeff becomes a workaholic, and eventually begins to neglect his home life.

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Commercial Project: House Of Pheromones Video Concepts

House Of PheromonesAs part of Carmel Entertainment Group, LLC, there are a number of commercial projects we have recently undertaken. Some of them funny, some bizarre, and some downright fascinating.

One of the most intriguing businesses we’ve recently come across is a small company called House Of Pheromones.

If you’re not “in the know” on recent trends online, basically, pheromones are natural substances that humans and other animals produce in their sweat glands that can signal things (usually on a sub-conscious level) to people around.

Some of those things can include your fitness level, approx age, gender, sociability, aggressiveness and other details that are imperceptible to our conscious mind.

House Of Pheromones reviews pheromones for men by thoroughly testing and re-testing of products that have proven themselves in this small, but fast growing community of enthusiasts.

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